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Cheap Limo Hire Edinburgh

Edinburgh Limousines Hire provide a cheap hire service across the Edinburgh area to anywhere in Scotland.

If you ask some, they will say that hiring a limo is costly and there are cheaper ways to do it.  But we offer cheap limo hire in Edinburgh and across Scotland because we believe that luxury shouldn’t only be available to the wealthy.

Sharing a limo with a group of friends can also further reduce the cost of the hire.  If you are attending an event such as a wedding or a birthday party, then by filling up the limo, you can travel in style and have great fun too.  Enjoy a glass of something chilled on the way to the venue and arrive in style.

Wedding hire for the bride and her important party is another area we see frequently – not only does it keep everyone together, the space in a limo means that there are no creased dresses when arriving at the venue.  Imagine spending all that money on a beautiful dress and getting there to see more creases than in an accordion!

Students are often clubbing together to attend galas and graduation balls together in one limo for the cost effectiveness and the style.  Who doesn’t feel special when you arrive in a vehicle that gains appreciative looks from everyone already there?  It’s a great way to start the night and also means you arrive at the venue relaxed and ready to party.

Please contact Edinburgh Limosines on 0131 235 2079 to discuss your stretch limo hire requirements in Edinburgh.