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Cheap Minibus Hire Edinburgh

Edinburgh Limousines Hire provide a cheap minibus hire service across the Edinburgh area to anywhere in Scotland.

We can offer the following vehicles:

  • 12 Seater Minibus'

Discount Minibus Hire Edinburgh

Wedding transport tends to focus on cars for the bride, perhaps for the groom and parents.  But if you have chosen a venue outside the city, it can be worth considering cheap minibus hire in Edinburgh to get everyone to the venue together.  While public transport links around the city are good, later on a night, it can get trickier and hiring a fleet of taxis can be expensive.  By hiring a minibus that can take groups back to a single or multiple points in the city, then the stress of getting everyone home is removed.

Using a minibus between church and venue is another popular option, with the happy couple going in the wedding car and everyone else jumping in the minibus.  This solves the problem of a member of the family getting lost along the way, as someone nearly always does!  It also removes the change of public transport being unreliable or that taxis are held up and not everyone makes it together.

Even if the couple decide not to put on a minibus, then guests often want to club together and get a minibus home to save costs and remove the random from travel arrangements.  You can all ring for taxis when you are ready to go home, but the law of averages says that there will be less taxis available than people wanting to travel.  By pre-booking a minibus, this stress is removed and everyone goes home together.

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