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Limo Hire Edinburgh

Edinburgh Limousines Hire provide a full Stretch Limo hire service across the Edinburgh area to anywhere in Scotland.

If you are considering limo hire in Edinburgh, then you are looking for something a little more than just means of transport from one place to another.  Whether it is for a birthday party, a wedding or some other form of celebration, a limo adds something special to the trip.  But how do you pick the right limo company?

Here at Edinburgh Limousines we provide you with a quotation that can be emailed to you if needed.  This will confirm what service we are providing at what cost as well as details about payment methods and when the bill needs to be paid.  We will also provide information about what happens if you need to cancel the booking and any timescales involved.

In addition to all of this, we can tell you about the limo you will be travelling in, particularly if you are seeking a certain type of ride.  Should you want the reassurance of seeing proof we are correctly insured, this isn’t a problem as well as professional industry memberships.

So why not give us a call today with the details of where you want to be picked up and where you are taken to, with any stops along the way.  That way we can give you a fully accurate, customised quotation to help you organise your event and be happy that the travel for the big day is all under control.

Please contact Edinburgh Limousines on 0131 235 2079 to discuss your stretch limo hire requirements in Edinburgh.