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Limo Hire Kirkcaldy

Edinburgh Limousines Hire provide a full Stretch Limo hire service across the Kirkcaldy area to anywhere in Scotland.

When you see a stretch limo go gliding past, you think of luxury and comfort, often as well of famous people.  In fact, the history of the limousine in its modern form is actually based in practicality, rather than just for its eye-catching appeal or extra features.

The first limo was built in 1928 and it was more of a bus than the luxury vehicle we know today.  The idea behind it was to transport the big band musicians of the time with all of their equipment from hotels to venues.  The likes of Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman would travel in these new vehicles with their bands and instruments.  The first limo was built in Fort Smith, Arkansas by a company called Armbruster.

Right up until the end of the big band era, the limo was the chosen method of transport.  This meant that when the new types of musicians and singers came along, they automatically used limos because it was associated with their predecessors.

Today limo hire in Kirkcaldy and around the region is accessible to ordinary people as well as the rich and famous.  Yet that practical element still exists – for larger groups, for people with luggage and even for a bride on her wedding day when her beautiful dress can be creased up and spoiled in a normal size vehicle.

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