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Limo Hire Linlithgow

Edinburgh Limousines Hire provide a full Stretch Limo hire service across the Linlithgow area to anywhere in Scotland.

When you ask someone to describe a limo, most people will instantly think of a stretch limo with its extra windows and wheels and luxurious interior.  But the origins of the limo is something smaller and more humble.  The first limos were all about being chauffeur driven but were no larger than a normal car today.

Back in 1902, when the first limo appeared on the roads of the day, these cars features a long seat in the rear and one or two seats in the front for the driver.  The main difference between these and other cars was the privacy a limo could offer – a partition could be put into place that sealed off passengers from drivers and allowed them to talk without being overheard. 

In fact, in the early limos the drivers didn’t even always have a roof over their heads!  These poor guys could be exposed to the elements and in places like New York and Chicago where the cars were first used, this could be a chilly business!

Thankfully, for modern limo drivers, the idea of leaving the driver exposed in that way soon went out of fashion and he received the same coverage as the passengers.  Today, driving a limo is a pleasure and riding in one is a popular option for many occasions.  So the next time you are travelling somewhere, why not get in touch with a limo hire in Linlithgow and see what it will cost to arrive there in real style?

Please contact Edinburgh Limousines on 0131 235 2079 to discuss your stretch limo hire requirements in Linlithgow.