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Edinburgh Limousines Hire provide a full Stretch Limo hire service across the Livingston area to anywhere in Scotland.

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Limousines are becoming an ever more frequent sight on our roads and as one of the top limo hire companies in Livingston, we know that more and more people and enjoying hiring them for special events.  But did you know where the word limousine came from?

The stretch limo we know today has very humble roots.  Back in 1902, the first limousine was created with a covered compartment for the driver to sit in outside the area where the passengers sat.  It received its name because this covered area looked a lot like a raised hood worn by the people of the Limousin region of France, particularly by the shepherds!  Another suggestion says that the connection came about due to the cloak many limo drivers wore at the time that was very much the same as these shepherd’s cloaks, hence the name.

Even back when they were first created, the limousine was seen as a luxury vehicle that was owned by the rich and famous.  However, today, with companies such as ourselves, hiring a limo can be a simple and cost-effect approach to going somewhere in a group.  There’s nothing starts off an event better than arriving relaxed at the venue in real style with a limo!

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