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Edinburgh Limousines Hire provide a full Stretch Limo hire service across the Musselburgh area to anywhere in Scotland.

Musselburgh Limousines

Did you know that the London black cab started off life as a type of limousine?  Or that at one time, some of the limo’s passengers had to ride up front with the driver to be able to fit everyone in?  The limousine has a long history and has seen many changes yet the core element – travelling in style and comfort – hasn’t changed.

At its heart, a limo is a large cat that has a long wheelbase and has a passenger section with forward facing seats and extra leg room.  The first limos were created to carry around the big bands of the 1920s and 1930s with band leaders such as Glen Miller as frequent passengers.  As the limo evolved, there would be seat that folded up behind the driver, much like in the black cab and room for two more passengers to squeeze in with the driver.

Some of the big names in limousine design include Cadillac, Lincoln and Packard.  These continued to expand on the original idea of the limo and began to hold some of the modern comforts we recognise today.  An early fan of the limo was Elvis Presley, who had a Lincoln Premier.

Today there are companies across the country offering limo hire for a variety of occasions and lime hire in Musselburgh is our priority.  Whether for an event such as a wedding or a birthday as well as graduation balls and corporate events, we can provide the perfect vehicle.

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