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When you look at the history of the limousine, some things have really changed from when these luxury vehicles first appeared but other things not so much so.  The accessibility for ordinary people may be different but the classiness and comfort of the vehicles is still to the same standard, just using the most modern vehicle technology.

The first stretch limousine was invented in Fort Smith, Arkansas around 1928.  The company who made it was named Armbruster and they were designed to transport the big band leaders of the time, people like Benny Goodman and Glen Miller.  They were used because they had the space to accommodate all of the band’s equipment into one vehicle and were often jokingly called ‘big band buses’.

By 1916, there were even different definitions of the limousine.  A closed car that could seat from three to five people inside with the driver sitting outside was called a limousine while a vehicle that had the driver completely enclosed was called a berline and a brougham was the least fun to drive – there was no roof over the driver’s head in these cars.

So limos have changed a lot from those days but the idea of getting lots of stuff, or people, into one vehicle still appeals.  And the luxury of sitting back and arriving at a venue in style is still as popular as ever.  If you need a limo hire company in Perth or the surrounding area, please give us a call.

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