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Limo Hire Scottish Borders

Edinburgh Limousines Hire provide a full Stretch Limo hire service across the Scottish Borders area to anywhere in Scotland.

Scottish Borders Limousines

It was in the 1980s that the limousine began to appear more frequently on the streets of the country.  Before that time, these stretch vehicles were the preserve of the rich and famous and were most often seen in Hollywood, dropping off a group of actors or actresses at a film premier or awards event.

One of the main reasons that limos began to grow in popularity was due to the revamping of the Cadillac limos.  With their recognisable grill, horizontal headlights and a new deck face, these modern vehicles were sleek and stylish as well as being the height of luxury.  The Fleetwood Cadillacs were also considered less formal than the ones before them, which had used a glass partition to separate driver and passengers.  Now the vehicles allowed communication between front and rear but also made use of all the new conveniences – thick carpets, eight passenger seats, electric power windows and even lamps for passengers to read with and an eight-track tape player!

Today there are not too many Cadillac limos on the streets of Scotland but if you are seeking limo hire in the Scottish Borders, we have all the most modern versions of the limo at your disposal.  Give us a call today for a personalised quote for your journey and pick your favourite limo to travel in.

Please contact Edinburgh Limousines on 0131 235 2079 to discuss your stretch limo hire requirements in the Scottish Borders.