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Minibus Hire St Andrews

Edinburgh Limousines Hire provide a full minibus hire service across the St Andrews area to anywhere in Scotland.

We can offer the following vehicles:

  • 12 Seater Minibus'

Minibus Company St Andrews

Minibus hire in St Andrews is a popular option for a range of social events from graduations to weddings and birthday parties.  All of us think we can drive a minibus but what does it actually take and are there any legal restrictions?

Legally, anyone between 22 and 70 can drive a minibus as long as they have had their full driving license over twelve months.  Minibus hire companies may ask for addition proof of address when hiring a vehicle to someone in addition to their driving license and extra proof of ID if someone still has an old style license. 

When driving a minibus the first thing to remember is the extra height of the vehicle.  Watch out for everything from overhanging trees and telephone cables to the clearance height of bridges with this in mind – you don’t want to scratch the top of the minibus, as you will be liable for the damage!

The turning radius of the vehicles is bigger than the average car so slow down when approaching corners and take them carefully.  It is worth having a practise with the vehicle off the road somewhere such as an empty car park or lot so you can get the feel for how it responds.  Also, remember that the braking distance of the minibus will be greater than a car and leave yourself more space between you and the next vehicle accordingly.